About Our Vision

Crumbs from the Table is a Christian ministry with its mission aimed to impact the lives of orphans in Eastern Europe. We are presently working in Latvia, Ukraine, and Poland.

A few years ago, while seeking the Lord at a church conference, I became frustrated when I realized I did not have a “focus” for my ministry unlike so many others there seemed to have. I began to ask the Lord to guide me and lead my heart in the right direction. During that prayer time I felt that the Lord had given me four different points. The shortened version is as follows:

We have adopted from Russia twice, so we have been to different orphanages and are aware of the statistics. When orphans leave these orphanages the numbers get scary. At that time in Russia, 50% of the girls that left ended up in the sex trade, 50% percent of boys become criminals and wound up in jail, and a full 10% of that population committed suicide. The following are the points that I felt the Lord had given me at that time:

  • First, I needed to set up transition programs for older orphans, where they would be lead to becoming disciples of Jesus, be given help with life skill training, vocational skill training and educational training such as college, vocational school, etc. As well as means to practical needs, like food and housing.
  • Second, I felt that we should get involved in their lives and develop strong relationships and start teaching these things while they are at a younger age. So that when they age out around 18, we will already have a good start and will be able to more easily identify the kids that we can most likely help.
  • Third, I am to work with God’s people in the different countries to gain assistance to achieving these goals.
  • Fourth, I was to promote adoption in whatever way I could.
  • Later, another final point was given to me. The was fifth is simply: do good works.

Over the years God has given me a small team of people who have given their hearts and sacrificed their time to the ministry and share the same vision as I do. He has also given a small group of others who have prayed and given financially, and several of leaders such as Bill Murphy, Ron Gray, and Mike McCarty to encourage me and help coach me along the way.

It is my belief that Crumbs from the Table as a ministry is primarily centered around those of the Slavic culture. This includes Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, and perhaps Russia. Our vision and mission is based on these five points given above. Together I believe we can work to make a difference in the lives of these children.

About the name Crumbs From the Table

The phrase “crumbs from the table” comes from a story in the bible found in Matthew 15 verses 21-28. A non-Jewish woman was asking Jesus for healing for her daughter. The Jewish people referred to non-Jews as dogs because they thought they were not chosen by God. Jesus challenged this by saying, “that it isn’t right to take the children's bread, and cast it to dogs. Her response was, “that even the dogs get the crumbs that fall from the Masters table”. The verse concludes, “and her daughter was healed at once.” In this case there are several points about the phrase.

First, the bread and the crumbs were for healing. Children who have been orphaned have deep wounds in their souls and those wounds can only be healed by God. We want to make healing available for everyone we can. Second, Jesus said in another place that He was the Bread of Life. It’s our belief that an ongoing relationship with Jesus as a disciple to him will bring both healing and purpose into someone's life, including orphans. It’s our goal to help orphans find a real relationship with Jesus and encourage them through the years on their journey. Third, just like the views in this story, the Jews thought that God did not care about this woman because she was not a Jew. She herself was content to be thought of as “less than” so she asked only for crumbs. By the fact that Jesus healed her child confirmed to the Jews and non-Jews that healing was for all and the non-Jews were also of value to him. In fact, He said that He came for the non-Jews as well and most, if not all, who are Christians reading this are like this woman because we are non-Jews.

Society and orphans both struggle with a thought that orphans are less than. This is not true and we want help them find their full potential in this life and break this mentality.

Finally, crumbs simply means that if God is in it, it doesn’t take a lot of money or time to make a difference...

Meet The Staff

Clint and Shannon Eaves

Clint and Shannon Eaves

My wife and I found ourselves in a ministry for Christ that began when we were looking to adopt several years ago. A few years ago while seeking the Lord at a church conference, I was frustrated because I did not have a Genre for ministry and it seemed that so many others did. I was asking the Lord if there was something I could do where my heart and his heart lined up. Since we have adopted from Russia twice we saw orphanages and learned the statistics on how most orphans lives turn out after they leave the orphanages.

My wife and I ended up behind the former Iron Curtain and to date have adopted 10 children. More importantly, we have ongoing relationships with the orphanages and a commitment to bringing Christ into these unfortunate children’s lives—and “changing their stars” whether thru adoption or a more successful transition from orphanage to self-sufficiency. The brutal reality is that about 50% of the orphan girls end up in the sex trade and 50% of the boys end up in prison. Ten percent commit suicide. One-third of the children are homeless.

They are missing not only a traditional family structure and support, but also a Christian family and Christ’s example and the bedrock of a personal relationship with Him. Clint founded an organization called “Crumbs from the Table” back in 2014, but had his vision of his ministry back in 2011.

Max and Marina Petrov

Max and Marina Petrov

Hi, we are Max and Marina, and of course two daughters Sofia and Maria. Originally Marina is from Ukraine and I’m from Latvia. We have met through Christians camps and have been married for 11 years. Currently, we serve on the Latvian Crumbs team and visit orphanages in Latvia. These orphans play an important role in our lives and teach us even more that we can teach and show them.

Our way with Crumbs started 7 years ago when Marina invited Clint to come to one of the christian camps she served at. Two years later, we invited him to visit Latvia and meet older orphans who had already left the orphanages, but still needed lots of support and love. To tell you the truth, on this trip nothing went the way we planned, but it is obvious that it went the way God planned. None of the meetings went sucessfully. To say that we were discouraged is to say nothing...

We were sitting with Clint in a pizza restaurant talking about the future, and out of the blue, he proposed to us to visit orphanages in Latvia. We agreed because our hearts are for these kids and we want to see them succeed. We want them to become examples for younger orphans, and destroy the sad statistics. Crumbs from the Table was a new door for us that God has opened, and we are really blessed to be “partners in crime” with Clint and others!

Zhyena Okhlopkova

Zhyena Okhlopkova

Zheyna Okhlopkova is 26 years old. She was originally born in Russia, but has been living in Ukraine for about twenty years. She has been married for six years now. At the age of sixteen, she was invited to a Christian camp where she accepted the Lord Jesus into her heart.

She has been actively involved in the orphan ministry since 2009 and frequently visits orphanages and assists in Christian camps. In 2016, she joined forces with Clint Eaves, and is now in charge of the organization of the Crumbs from the Table orphan ministry and camps in Ukraine. She supervises the team's monthly trips to visit other orphanages.

Ksusha Kovrenkova

Ksusha Kovrenkova

My name is Ksusha Kovrenkova and I’m 21. I’m from Kharkov, Ukraine. My major is veterinary. When I was 10, I first visited Christian camp and I’ve been walking with Jesus in my heart since then. I became an evangelical team’s member which helps the orphans at the age of 13.

I met Clint Eaves when I was 14, and he has been my papa since then. In 2016, I became a part of “Crumbs from the table” ministry. My role here, in ministry, is to help organizing summer camps and monthly visits to orphanages. I know that God has called me to serve these kids and do everything I can and even more. I love these kids with all of my heart, and I’m happy to be a part of “crumbs from the table” ministry.

Svitlana Olliferchuk

Svitlana Olliferchuk

My name is Svitlana Oliferchuk, and I’m about to turn 19. I am from Ukraine, Lviv. My major is international business. Six years ago I went to Christian camp in Crimea, and that’s where I met Clint, the creator of the “Crumbs from the Table” ministry. I visited camps a few times as a kid, but two years ago I was invited to help as a translator to the first camp of “Crumbs from the Table” in Latvia.

Things that God showed to me in that camp completely changed my life. I clearly saw that I have to be a part of this amazing work that God is doing in the orphans' lives.

Not only I share God’s love with the kids, but God also showed His great love to me. He healed wounds that would have never been healed without that particular atmosphere and the presence of the Holy Spirit that we had at camps. Now, I am an official translator at Crumbs ministry, and I am so happy that i can declare that. It is not only us helping the kids, but also them sharing their love with the team. Every single hug I get from the orphans is priceless, and that’s why I love doing it for Lord.

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

My name is Nathan Jones. I am 40yrs old and have been married to my amazing wife, Toni, for 15 years. We have two adopted children; Casey, 6 and Sarah Claire, 3. We live in Mississippi. I have been a part of Crumbs from the Table for 3 years now but have worked with Clint at Stockman’s Supply for almost 11 years.

The Lord brought me into this ministry to prepare for a life full of testimony. At the very first camp I participated with, I was flooded with the Holy Spirit and continue to build my relationship with Him.

My role at the camps is to be a “big brother” and to try to build relationships and bond with the orphans. I try to make at least one other visit to the orphanages to just check in and see how they are doing.

I am very blessed to be a part of the Crumbs team.

Anastasiya Kalinyuk

Anastasiya Kalinyuk

Living in Belarus and work at EPAM Systems as a programmer. Since I’m from the believer’s family, I was raised in love. From an early age, my parents told me that Jesus loves me. He loves me in an unending love and that I should share this love with everyone else. Since I was six years old, I was going to a small bible academy that was a part of our church. Then, at the age of 12, I went to a bible camp in Crimea which was sponsored by the Americans. There I met with my life-long friend Katya. A couple of years later, this bible camp started to invite children from foster houses. All kids lived together.

Those years showed me an ugly truth of foster caring children. I could not understand how this could happen at all and have done my best to show them my love and support. During autumn/winter/spring seasons in Belarus, we went to foster houses with my camp friends.

While studying at University, I met with one girl who was actively participating in Hospice for cancer-stricken children and I started to visit those poor kids with her. I spent all my pocket money on sweets and toys for the kids instead of buying food for myself. Each Thursday, I went to hospice to share a piece of my love, and the love of Jesus with the kids. But it didn’t last long, as if I’m too emotional and each dying kid was like a disaster. Then one day, I couldn’t pluck up my courage to go to visit them again. A couple of years ago, I met Clint In Crimea at the bible camp. It was God’s path for me. Incredibly, Clint asked me to help with an outreach in Latvia and since that time, we’ve done a lot. I hope, that together, we can make a difference to the world even if it would be a small one. I love and am grateful to be a part of this team.

Dacia Oliferchuk

Dacia Oliferchuk

My name is Dacia Oliferchuk, and I am 21 years old. I live in Ukraine , Lviv. I'm majoring in psychology. I met Clint Eaves at camp in Crimea 7 years ago. That camp was a gift to me, and now I realize that actually people I met there are the gifts from God since I get to be a part of “Crumbs from the Table” ministry. It is a huge blessing and treasure to me to spend time with orphans, and go to camps with them.

I want to add that this ministry gives me more of what I expected. Every time I visit orphanage - my heart gets filled up with goodness and joy. No one can take it away. I praise the Lord for Clint and our team that has one goal - help God heal the wounded hearts of orphans. I believe that God is capable of healing every single heart of an orphan and give him or her a better life in Christ . So we, as a team, are His hands - ready to serve!

Miriam Holovata

Miriam Holovata

My name is Maria, and I’m 19. I first met Clint 2 1/2 years ago, when I was suffering from a severe depression. Clint himself helped me to go through the depression and get out of it. Furthermore , he helped me to become the person I am now . My journey with the orphan kids began a year ago. I can surely say that working with kids brings me the most happiness I can ever get . I’m happy to see joy in their eyes, and I would recommend y’all to experience that happiness with me as well. Jesus doesn’t really care weather you have your biological parents, or not. He is your Daddy and He wants you to feel that way. Once you realize that, all of the doors will be open for you.


Christmas Camp in Latvia:

This will be the first year we will have a camp in Latvia for the holiday time. Max & Maryna Petrov will do a family Christmas for about 20-25 kids at the Reznke, Latvia orphanage. This will build a family atmosphere for the children. Max & Maryna still continually visit this orphanage about every two weeks. We are looking to raise around $2,000 for this holiday camp for the children.

Kharkiv Orphanage:

We raised $2,140 to send with Ksusha for the 84 children who needed clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Pictures to come soon once everything has been bought and the children get their necessary clothing and all they needed due to the directors assessing the needs of these 84 kids. Thank you to those that helped us raise those much needed funds.

Christmas Project for the orphans:

  • 3 orphanages
  • $30/kid for about 135 kids all together
  • Total Budget is ~ $3,250 and we have already received $540 toward this project.

October 19-29th in Rezenke, Latvia


Our staff will go to help out with the kids and do crafts and lessons. One child Richard wants to learn to play the guitar and take lessons. We will also take the kids to eat pizza a few times as well. We need around $1500 in donations to help with airfare, taking kids to eat, and help pay for Richard guitar lessons. We would also love for someone to be willing to donate a guitar for Richard as well.
UPDATE: A guitar donation has been received for Richard.

Christmas Gifts for Orphanages: December

  • $30/ child spent on Christmas gifts
  • Christmas of 2017 – 100 children – 110 children : 3 orphanages
  • Christmas 2018 - ~ 120 kids

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