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Rezekne, Latvia Visit

October 19th-27th. Dacia and Masha met Max and Marina in Latvia. This time spent with the kids has taught Dacia a lot. They went with their program, and as a result, they taught us more and not us teaching them more. Each heart of each child was a treasure for sure. They went on tours, enjoyed their time, ate, drove them to circles, and constantly spent time with them. This gave them the opportunity to know so much more. They saw changes everyday! Some situations it was difficult and they did not know how to do better, but then, at the end of the week, they saw the real results and changes of their thoughts and behavior. They taught us to love even more and ever since they themselves are able to love so much. On the last day of our Masha & Dacia departure, they watched the movie "The Hut" with them. Which impressed many and made Dacia think a lot about everything. Then one of the children wrote: "This week, I realized that I needed to give a chance to a person, so I will give a chance to repair someone who offended me ..." We were surprised” ... I would like to believe that a good part remained with the children because we have precisely brought with us a bag of love.

There were funny moments, sad and even somewhat unpredictable moments. Sometimes it was terrible, but it was such an experience for Dacia & Masha that can not be bought for any money. What they have learned there will remain in their hearts forever!

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